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that specializes in delivering a simple and easy-to-use 3D Modeling tool as a solution to enhance the learning experience. We help 3D modeling experience easy for students of all ages exposed to 3D Modeling for the first time.

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3D Modeling Editor now compatible with Minecraft

One of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is the ability to create and build your own worlds using the game's block-based building system. Now, with the new 3D modeling editor, players can take their creativity to a whole new level.

The editor is now fully compatible with Minecraft, making it easier than ever for players to create custom objects and structures from their Minecraft World.


1st Global Internship Program opened in the US

Recently, 3D Tada’s first-ever global internship program was launched in the United States. This internship program was aimed at providing students in high school the opportunity to experience the Tadacraft engine and 3DSalad before the launch. The program ran for a period of 12 weeks at the US office from Nov. 11,2022 to Feb 3, 2023.

Students who attended the 3DTada Global Internship learned the various aspects of technology startups and had a chance to experience two main services provided by 3DTada. (TadaCraft, 3DSalad)
Additionally, they were able to have valuable time to learn more about the direction of the future industry and talk to mentors about the industries they were interested in.

All the feedback about our products from the internship will be reflected in the current services provided by 3DTada and will be used to improve the services.


Signs MOU with the Sandbox

3DTada, the provider of voxel-based 3D modeling engine technology and developer of Tadacraft, the 3D modeling software, has signed a business agreement with The Sandbox, the global metaverse platform, for technical and business cooperation.

This agreement provides technical cooperation to export 3D creations created in Tadacraft to VXM format, VoxEdit's unique extension so that 3D creations created in Tadacraft can be used in VoxEdit of The Sandbox and Game Maker.

At the same time, educational programs and textbooks were developed to enter the education market.