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3DTada Participates in 'ASU+GSV Summit'

3DTada attends ‘ASU+GSV Summit’ that was held in San Diego from the 17th to the 19th.

The ASU+GSV Summit is the world's largest edutech conference jointly held by Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Startup Ventures (GSV) since 2010. Global leaders who have led innovation in the education such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and more has gathered together in the past to discuss the future of education. This year speakers include Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and co-founder of Microsoft, and Sam Altman, co-founder and CEO of OpenAI, and many more. Famous education technology companies also joins the conference each year, this year including chegg, BYJU’s, Coursera and many more.

3DTada was invited to be part of ‘ASU+GSV Summit’ as the member of the Asia EduTech Association (AEA), an official sponsor along with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the U.S. Educational Evaluation Institute (ETS). The Asia EduTech Federation is a private cooperative organization co-founded in 2022 by Ice Cream Edu and Etos Fund, established with the vision to solve educational problems in the world. More than 30 unique ed-tech companies and diverse educational institutions from different countries around the world have joined AEA.

As the member of the AEA, 3DTada has participated in Demo Booth to recruit, to network with other ed-tech companies, and to introduce the product, Tadacraft and 3DSalad. Summit attendees were able to directly see 3DTada employee make 3D models of hamburger and dog in minutes by simply using the 3D model web editor in 3DSalad. Overall, 3DTada's participation in the AEA Demo Booth provided a valuable opportunity to showcase their innovative Tadacraft and 3DSalad to the public for the first time, allowing summit attendees to witness firsthand the impressive speed and capabilities of their 3D modeling technology.


Debuts for the first time in ASU x GSV Summit 2023

The ASU x GSV Summit is one of the most prominent events in the world of education and technology, bringing together leaders, investors, and innovators from around the globe to explore the latest developments and trends in education. This year, our company is proud to announce that we will be debuting for the first time at the ASU x GSV Summit 2023. We believe that the ASU x GSV Summit 2023 is an excellent opportunity for us to raise awareness about our brand, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the metaverse industry, and we are confident that our participation in the summit will be a significant step toward achieving our goals. We look forward to the summit and the opportunities it will bring for our company and the future of education.

3DSalad now offers FreeSalad

To celebrate the launch of our new product, 3DSalad, we are offering an exclusive offer of a FreeSalad Creator’s License for a limited time.

Customers who create a new account and subscribe for the membership will have a chance to sign up for a FreeSalad Creator’s License during the promotional period. This FreeSalad Creator’s License can give members the opportunity to experience every asset of 3DSalad, from creating 3D models using our 3D modeling editor to uploading and downloading creations. This promotion is our way of thanking our users for their support and loyalty while providing them with an opportunity to experience the benefits of our new product.

We invite everyone to take advantage of our promotion and experience our 3DSalad for themselves.


3DSalad successfully launches BETA

3D Salad announced on February 6th, 2023 that it has successfully launched its BETA. 3D Salad is a web-based platform that allows anyone to easily and quickly create, edit, and share 3D models (assets).

Even without using professional 3D software programs such as Max and Maya, anyone can create 3D models using libraries and authoring tools and share them on the metaverse platform.

With the successful launch of its BETA, 3D Salad is paving the way for anyone to become a 3D model creator and share their creations with the world, making 3D modeling more accessible and inclusive for everyone.